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Anything that rolls down a highway or a race track has found its way to our shop. Repairing a dirt-modified stock car, building parts for a classic BMW sports car or even making prototype components for a Formula Ford racecar we've done them all.

Log trucks, 18 wheelers, dump trucks....even the port-o-let pump out truck came to us broken and left good as new.

We love bikes and ATVs. Making new "Go fast" parts or repairing the consequences of those unplanned crashes, there is nothing we can't do.

Our shop has produced complete assemblies for front ends, removable racks for over the road trucks, one of a kind "Bling" for Harley Davidsons, and custom ATV parts. Even stainless steel exhaust systems were upgraded and repaired at our facility.

Repairs on site are also possible for the big trucks at your yard.

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