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Cutting extremely complicated metal or plastic parts to very close dimensions takes the latest in HAAS brand CNC milling machines. The HAAS TM 1 CNC mill in our shop is capable of cutting any metal, plastic or even wood products to your exacting specifications.

Along with the mill our newest machine the Torchmate CNC plasma table can cut multiple identical parts out of sheet metal products. Any shape that can be drawn in our CAD software, or scanned in from a customer provided file, if the software is compatible, can be made to order.

Cylindrical shapes are not a problem for our LeBlond Regal lathe. It can handle items as long as 30 inches and with diameters up to 16 inches. Rounding out our machining processes, we have every grinder, sander, taps and dies that can be used under normal circumstances and our suppliers can get whatever we need for the abnormal jobs too.

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