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Safety First!
The best way to prevent injuries is to keep children at a safe distance.  Keep people at a safe distance form moving parts or heavy...
Stainless Steel Chimney Cap
Stainless steel chimney caps are the only material that will hold up in the extremely caustic environment of a wood or oil burning chimney for...
Fireplace insert surround
With the price of home heating customers are looking to cut cost whenever they can.  Replacing your wood burning fireplace with a high efficiency wood...
Shower Head Extension
Is your shower head too low, we can fix that.  One piece bend Stainless Steel construction means no rusting and minimal up keep!
Curved Railing
These railings were fabricated on site.  The curves of the landing allow for maximum headroom
Steel Railing
This steel railing was designed and fabricated  to be safe and beautiful for years to come
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